July 4, 2022

Episode #001 – Wall of Colon Health

Forty Life Podcast
Forty Life Podcast
Episode #001 - Wall of Colon Health

Weekly podcast primarily about magic the gathering, but likely bits about life with kids, life after forty, video games and random mental potpourri.

Plan for hosts to join in the future, as long as I brush my digital teeth and use my digital binaca (small deodorant can containing mint flavored pepper spray).

Bennie Smith tweeting about finding a bunch of $5 dollar bills with a picture of Wall of Kelp.  

But, before we enter the MTG financial singularity where Wall of Kelp is the most valuable card in Homelands and why, let’s stroll through the history and my life when Homelands came out.

October 1995

  • Homelands info
  • Other cards I remember
  • Some of the most painful tri-lands

Also in 1995:

  • Biggest movies were Toy Story ONE and Batman Forever (yes kids, Val Kilmer was Batman for awhile)
  • The first E3 (electronic entertainment expo)
  • The days of PS1, golden years of the SNES and the first glimpses of the N64.  Games I recall from this time are Twisted Metal, Command & Conquer AND Tie Fighter for the PC, Mario Picross for the GB.
  • And I was still in high school.

Now, more about the spike in price of Wall of Kelp with release of M19 and specifically, Arcades, the Strategist for all of you beautiful beautiful Commander players (or Elder Dragon Highlander players if you require daily fiber supplementation)..

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