July 4, 2022

Episode #002 – Chuck E. Cheese and 3:2 Beer

Forty Life Podcast
Forty Life Podcast
Episode #002 - Chuck E. Cheese and 3:2 Beer

Weekly podcast primarily about magic the gathering, but likely bits about life with kids, life after forty, video games and random mental potpourri.

I am joined this week by a fantastic guest host, Bennie Smith! You probably know his as the Commander expert and you can find his weekly articles about Commander at Star City Games (archive of his articles).

We talk about some amazing old cards (Hello ANTE!), crazy card values with Commander, a bit about MTGO and MTG Arena. And about the awesomeness that is now Chuck E. Cheese and do they still have 3:2 beer?

Is this the best card of all time? Tom says YES.

Important self-aggrandizing information:

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