July 4, 2022

Episode #003 – Jasconian Isle Stole My Heart

Forty Life Podcast
Forty Life Podcast
Episode #003 - Jasconian Isle Stole My Heart

Weekly podcast primarily about magic the gathering, but likely bits about life with kids, life after forty, video games and random mental potpourri.

The topic of the day that has me the most excited is the reveal and pure awesomeness of the Mystery Boosters at MagicFest Richmond and the playtest cards. I go through the differences between the “convention” and “WPN” boosters, the whopping pool of 1,694 cards for the base “set” and more. I also wonder if we will see entirely new playtest cards at future MagicFests / conventions, evolution of the current play test cards. I love the theory that these are ideas or even playtest cards from prior Un-sets and the upcoming Unsanctioned product.

Here is the link to Scryfall with images of all playtest cards: https://scryfall.com/sets/mystpt

My personal / nostalagic favorite is Jasconian Isle.

Important self-aggrandizing information:

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