July 4, 2022

Episode #008 – Throat Wolf is REAL.

Forty Life Podcast
Forty Life Podcast
Episode #008 - Throat Wolf is REAL.

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Weekly podcast primarily about magic the gathering, but likely bits about life with kids, life after forty, video games and random mental potpourri.

Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths previews are starting soon!

Star Trek CCG

  • TrekCC.org
  • I am primarily a 2E player
  • Last physical expansion on 12/14/2007, What you leave behind, 122 cards
  • Since then, they have released 36 (!!!) virtual expansions, ranging from 20-90 cards per expansion.  Eyeball average is about 40-45 cards per expansion
  • Lackey plugin
  • Tournaments, world championships, overall friendly communitee
  • Beginner decks
  • Print your own cards and so far seemed to have been with approval of Decipher (original developer) and Paramount / CBS Interactive.

Firewalker – 1986 gem of a movie with Chuck Norris and Lou Gosset Jr.

Important self-aggrandizing information:

  • Alex
  • @area
  • Legacy player, check out the London Monthly’s

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