July 3, 2022

Episode #012 – Ted Williams’ Head

Forty Life Podcast
Forty Life Podcast
Episode #012 - Ted Williams' Head

Hello and welcome back everyone! It is a new leaf as Tom finally decides to starting recording the Forty Life Podcast each and every week.

To join a live recording, it is every Wednesday at 11:30am on Discord and you can just click on this link https://t.co/870BcBt95R?amp=1

I have two very attractive co-hosts this week to help bring in the new year with some new Kaldheim previews before the preview fire house starts up.

More importantly, both Brent and Alex let Tom know that someone very intelligent people released and shared a Tremors movie theme MTG set. It is truly a work of love, check out the reddit link to see the scans of the set: https://www.reddit.com/gallery/kmqhnd

After that, we press on into important topics such as what in the world is up with the Panini stickers that we loved from our childhoods? What the hell is Panini Blockchain? And Alex and Brent learned about the bizarre history of baseball’s great Ted Williams and his head. https://www.sportscasting.com/why-was-baseball-hall-of-famer-ted-williams-decapitated/

Important self-aggrandizing information:

  • Brent / @Chemwiz
  • Alex / @area

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